Upcoming Trends for Fall 2022

Sophomore, Maggie Arnold, finds in-style clothes while thrifting.

Clara Compton

Sophomore, Maggie Arnold, finds in-style clothes while thrifting.

Have you ever been in despair for a good outfit? How about knowing what’s trending or not? I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say we all struggle with this. Well, I’m here to tell you the upcoming fall trends for 2022. As we move from swimwear and sundresses to cozy layers and chunky loafers, I have all the right answers for your fashion choices this fall.

The first one is leather. Leather never really went away, but let me tell you, it’s going to be big this year. From leather jackets to leather pants to leather boots. Leather has been in the fashion industry for so long because of its flexibility and durability. Leather is very long-lasting, hence why it has been so popular for years. It is a comfortable material that can be styled in many different ways. Although it is a costly piece of clothing, it is worth the money because it lasts so long. The popular fabric will be getting the heavy-duty treatment for this fall.

Another very important piece of clothing that is going to be big is utility pants. Cargo and utility pants have been slowly becoming popular over the past year or so. Multiple celebrities have been wearing them nonstop. From fashion icon Bella Hadid to pop star Dua Lipa, cargo pants are all the rage. This type of pants is most commonly paired with a baby tee or an oversized sweatshirt. They originated in the late ‘90s early ‘00s. This trendy style is coming back, so utility pants will be a big staple in this fall’s trends.

Speaking of 90s clothing, one of the most popular styles is coming back. That’s right, ‘90s minimalism clothing is making a comeback. This super-chic look has been making an appearance and let’s just say is going to be a big component in the fashion industry. ‘90s minimalism consists of white tank tops, slim-fit maxi skirts, ‘90s-era denim, pointy-toe boots and longline cardigans. There is a wide variety to this style so we will definitely see a lot more of this coming in fall and winter.

The last one is a blast from the past. I’m talking about the 1800s. Corsets are back and better than ever. Since the pandemic hit, corsets have been all over social media and have become very big. Not all corsets have to be sucking the living daylights out of you, there are corset-shaped tops that are super cute and fashionable for this fall. This article of clothing accentuates the waist but also can be styled in many different ways. The most popular is with loose denim or cargo pants. This fall you’ll see corseted waists being built into tops, dresses and leather.