Humans of Fauquier

Charles “Chaz” Woodson

Nayeli Arellano, News Editor

She also got a lot of blood clots and had quite a few health problems. It was difficult trying to learn how to fend for yourself, we moved around a lot, but we made do with what we had.
My sister was really the one who took care of her a lot [with tasks] like going to the bathroom because mom had a lot of difficulty with that.

Mostly, if I do help anybody it would be my great grandmother. She’s 101 or 102 years old now, and she broke her hip recently so she needs help walking around.

My grandparents [influenced me the most]. Because my mom couldn’t take care of me much my grandparents would always step in and help out a little bit. We would always go to their place.
We were unhealthy little children, and they would always make us eat. I remember when [we would have to leave], my sister and I would always cling to our grandpa’s feet, and he would pretend he was a big monster.