Spirit Week

Traditions Continue. FHS Students and staff look forward to fall to celebrate this pre-homecoming week.


Lauren Lasher and Keira Fenner

Students are dressed to in red, white and blue while dancing with Madame Goepper in French class.

Catherine Smith, Lauren Lasher, and Keira Fenner

Falcons are hype for homecoming! Students and faculty start off spirit week strong, putting full effort into the American Monday wardrobe.  As soon as you enter the school, whether from the bus ramp or front entrance you can sense the new atmosphere. The main halls and lobby are decorated to create “Falcon Pride” within the students, teachers, and administration. Upon walking in waves of red, white, and blue fill the halls. Students rock the crazy outfits and are glad to have the ability to freely express themselves. It may be a Monday but Fauquier students couldn’t have started the week off with any more of a bang. The energy has increased dramatically and the school is buzzing with plans for tomorrow (Tacky Tourist/Tropical Tuesday). Each day has a new theme that will help students continue the excitement and carry spirit into the homecoming parade, pep rally, Fun Friday Festivities, football game against Millbrook, and dance.

Pictures by Lauren Lasher and Keira Fenner