Science teacher Shaw joins school

Sarah McIndoe, Staff Reporter

DSC_0475Prior education: “I went to Radford for my Bachelor of Science degree in music performance and Mary Washington for my bachelor’s in education.”
What drew you to being a science teacher, and why? “I wanted to be an Earth Science teacher because I have a love for the outdoors and knowing how things work.  The more I learn, I realize how much more there is to know. I wanted to teach ninth grade because the kids are happy.”
Past employment: “I have been teaching for five years. I taught at Liberty, but then I came to FHS because I love it here. I graduated from here in 1991. It is also closer to my house, and my kids will go here once they are older.”
How has FHS changed? “The only noticeable differences would be to the physical structure with the additions to the gym and the front of the building.  The school still has the same great students with tons of spirit and good kids.”
Hobbies: “My favorite hobby is music.  Before I die, I want to be a proficient banjo, guitar, and piano player.  I have a long way to go on those, though.”
Favorite book: “My favorite childhood book is The B Book by Dr. Seuss. I like to read, but I don’t have a favorite that is more recent.”
Favorite movie: “I cannot name one favorite movie. I love a good laugh or good mystery.”
Most embarrassing moment in high school: “A good embarrassing moment would be in 10th grade (my first year at Fauquier). At least two weeks into the year, I was completely lost.  I had trouble finding my locker and the right door for the trailers.  This place was a maze to me.”