Leaving It All on the Mat

Ashley Halbrook, Staff Reporter

The strong wrestling team dominates in the District Duels Matches, and is preparing mentally and physically for the competitive matches ahead. The wrestlers won all but one of their matches, and that was to Liberty. The team, not being used to losing, is not allowing one loss to dictate the rest of their season.

Senior David Dewald is taking on the rest of the year ready to work hard and not let his head hang low due to the loss, but he does feel motivated. “I didn’t go out there like I needed to in order to win my match, that was a match I should have won,” Dewald says.

With regionals and states in the near future, the practices are getting harder. The team is beginning to have morning practices, and they are pushing towards winning the state trophy.

“I feel more motivated now that we lost to Liberty, now I’m just ready to kick their [butt]” said Dewald.

Along with Dewald, senior Sam Fisher is ready to take on a strong postseason. Fisher is hoping to win districts, that will be the first step to getting to states. He is confident in his team’s ability to do well in the upcoming matches. “I think we will be pretty dominant,” Fisher said.

Fisher has placed in national competitions, which have helped him train. “I’ve gained a lot of experience, I’ve been on the winning side and the losing side. You start to realize that even the smallest mistakes can cost you a match.”

During this season the newer athletes are progressing quickly, and the seasoned athletes are gaining more experience and becoming leaders. They are focusing on perfecting the little things to go all the way to states.