Munoz accepts offer as midfielder on Walsh lacrosse


Alex Wright and Nate Thomason

Senior Anthony Munoz recently announced that he would be attending Walsh University, located in North Canton, Ohio, to play lacrosse next fall. Munoz said he knew he wanted to play in college after playing for the travel team Apocalypse during his sophomore year. He began the recruitment process two years ago by playing in tournament showcases to get his name out to the colleges and immediately drew the attention of a recruiting coach from Walsh.
“At the very first recruiting showcase I went to in the summer, he was the first coach that talked to me,” Munoz said. “He saw me at the next tournament that I went to, and then the tournament after that. We just kept talking from there.”
After contacting the recruiting coach, Munoz worked even harder to prove himself to the other coaches. He spent countless hours working out and practicing on the field to better his game.
“I went to Walsh’s prospect day because he wanted to get me in front of the head coach,” Munoz said. “The head coach really liked what I had to offer for the team, so I went back for another visit, and shortly after that I decided that’s where I wanted to be for the next four years.”
After officially announcing his commitment, Munoz is already looking ahead to next year and playing for the Walsh Cavaliers. Even though he will only be a freshman next year, Munoz said he hopes to make a big impact on the team.
“My expectations are very high,” Munoz said. I’m hoping to bring in my recruiting class and really take the team to the next level. I think I bring everything that they’re looking for.”
Besides Walsh, several other schools were interested in Munoz, such as Davis and Elkins College, Alderson Broaddus University, and Chowan University. Although they peaked his interest, the characteristics of Walsh were too enticing to pass on.
“It’s a whole new area; there’s so much to do off campus [and] the campus is really beautiful,” Munoz said. “They’re always adding new stuff [and] new programs. The lacrosse program is always growing, so it’s nice to be a part of something where you’re building up a team.”
Munoz gives a lot of credit for his commitment to his summer travel team, Apocalypse, and also to the hard-working coaches who helped him in the recruiting process.
“All of the coaches were very helpful; you could ask them for almost anything and they would definitely help you out,” Munoz said. “They were all young guys and played in college, so they all knew what a college coach was looking for and helped me get noticed.”
Munoz said he plans to major in exercise science or sports management at Walsh University. He will be receiving $6,000 in athletic scholarships, as well as $12,000 for academics.
“The scholarships really motivate me,” Munoz said. “It really helps me out that I got these, but now I just have to work extra hard in the classroom and on the field.”