Establishment of New School Safety Officers Assures Student Safety


Abbie Mills, Staff Reporter

In the year 1994, the School Resource Officer (SRO) deputies in school program was established. Then, in 2017, a program for new School Security Officers (SSO) was recently established in a state law. Each of the three high schools in Fauquier County has already been assigned their own SSO. These SSO’s consist of MDS Settle at Fauquier High School, Corporal Tindle at Kettle Run High School, and Deputy Meyer at Liberty High School. There has been a new SRO assigned to each high school including Sal Torelli at Fauquier High School, Franz Mahler at Kettle Run High School, and Jeffrey Crane at Liberty High School. Officers must have served as an officer within the past ten years, and must undergo additional training. The officers must have also left their previous place of work in good standing. These new officers have been sworn in by the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office. The duties of the officers include social media monitoring, drill assistance, and of course daily building checks.
“When a parent sends their child to school, they want to know two things for certain: Is my child safe, and is my child learning,” Superintendent David Jeck said. “By adding these positions, we’ve come a long way in better addressing the first question. Clearly, our schools will be much safer places with the addition of these officers.”
This is exactly what the county is aiming to achieve by making sure the schools are secured, and the students are protected.