Fresh Opportunity for Healthier Generation

Rachel Singleton, Sports Editor

Students and staff get a good stretch and work out while in Yoga Club

One huge national trend towards better health and wellness has resulted in many new organizations and programs. Fauquier joined the craze with its county-wide program Fauquier Reaches for Excellence in School Health program (FRESH). A few years ago, Fauquier joined the the craze through a country-wide program known as the Fauquier Reaches for Excellence in School Health program, also known as the FRESH program. The county started with the elementary schools, and just recently has moved the program into the middle schools and high schools.

One of the main aspects of FRESH the school has started to organize are the clubs. These clubs each plan to run for eight weeks in each semester and are funded by a grant from the Piedmont Action to Health (PATH) Foundation, reviving $300 per club and $75 for supplies. The clubs revolve around the general focuses of FRESH such as fitness, nutrition, gardening and cooking.

 Currently three clubs are in the making with two that have begun this semester. Yoga Club is one of the clubs that is running during the first semester, and is sponsored by French teacher Florence Lamirand. The club mainly practices yoga poses that require a combination of strength, flexibility, relaxation and breathing.

“It provides students with an alternate mode of exercise different from school sports while still getting the benefits of remaining active,” said Lamirand.
Lamirand chose to sponsor the club as she said she “started practicing yoga as a part of [her] triathlon training and wanted to share the benefits of it with students.” The club started on October 24 and meets every Wednesday in room 600 after school from 2:45- 3:45. “It has been really great so far,” said Lamirand. “Students seem happy and motivated to learn more poses.”

The students who have attended Yoga Club so far have been enjoying the experience and the club overall. Senior Jerry Bejger said he joined the club in order to improve his flexibility. He said that he’s really excited to see what yoga club has in store for him and it “inspires [him] to become one with [his] inner self.”

The second club created is the Vertical Gardening Club run by science teacher, Debbie Fisher and agriculture department chair, Susan Hilleary. The two started the club in order to show students how to grow their own vegetables and learn more about the food they eat.

“Everyone should know where their food comes from and be able to have a role in producing it,” said Hilleary. The club started on November 13 in the horticulture building during A+.

The third FRESH club that is currently being set up is the the Foodie Club or the Healthy Cooking Club. It will be sponsored by Stephanie Strong and was planned to be placed in the first semester, however, not many showed interest in it, so it is planned to start in January of the second semester.

FRESH wellness leader and guidance counselor, Johanna Scott, has been responsible for setting up the program in the school and has been a major part in the advertising and organization of it throughout the school. Scott is very excited for the running of this program at Fauquier High School and emphasizes how important it is to students.

“Being healthy and fit is how we’re going to feel good longer into our lives and […] just be healthier people in general,” says Scott.