Students’ hard work pays off

Chelsea Valdez, Staff Reporter

photo provided by chelsea valdez

The National Honor Society is an organization held in multiple schools around the country.  This society requires a 3.5 GPA, five community service hours, and a positive attitude. Over one hundred students were inducted into NHS on October 3rd.

Junior Faith Jones said, “Being inducted into NHS felt good. I work really hard in school, and it was almost like a reward for all my hard work. It’s so cool being part of an organization with great people that work hard.”  Jones was started in the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) when she was in middle school, (Middle school students can be chosen to participate and are expected to keep the same requirements as NHS.) and always hoped to be a part of NHS.

Junior Lauren Davis said, “It was very rewarding (being inducted). When you work really hard and get good grades, getting that letter is a great feeling.” Davis has also been working towards NHS since middle school. “Once I found out about the high school NHS, I knew that I wanted to work towards it because it looks great on college applications.” Many NHS students earn their community services hours by tutoring. FHS students can receive tutoring from them in all subjects during advisory in Room 325.