Transgenders should NOT decide their sport

Tayte Mills, Staff Reporter

Via Unsplash
Transgender athletes cause an unfair advantage in the sports industry, arguing that they should participate in their birth sport or hang up their shoes.

In modern day America, some individuals feel as if they need to change their gender, from female to male, or male to female.

Sports are something that everyone can come together over. However, high school, college, and professional sports are being affected by the transgender issue. For example, a biological man, who now identifies as a women, will compete against a biological woman, and because they still have the features of a man, they can overpower the woman. For some people, this idea sounds perfectly fine; for others, this idea sounds unfair to the biological women who had to compete against a transgender man.

One example is when a transgender woman won a state championship in the state of Connecticut. Terry Miller, a individual who was born a biological man, competed against biological women in sprints. Miller took first in the event. Parents of the other competitors, biological women, have came out and spoken against biological men competing against the biological women.

Bobbi Lancaster is another example of transgenders in sports. Lancaster was born a male, but at the age of four, he believed that he was a women and started to dress in womens clothing. When he was young, he took up golf, as well as other sports. Although he didn’t take up golf as a career, he continued to play golf as an adult. Once she came out as a female, the USGA accepted he has a female and let her compete against, and beat, biological women.

One more example of a transgender person winning a sporting event unfairly is when biological male Rachel McKinnon won the women’s world championship for Track Cycling of ages 35-44. Rachel is a biological male, who now identifies as a women. The other racers that participated in this event, weren’t happy that a man won the event that was for women only. McKinnon says that nobody is “born a man”. She thinks that the term “born a man” helps contribute to a “harmful myth” and a “false stereotype”. I believe that this statement is invalid because being born a man isn’t a myth. It’s a fact. You’re either born a male or a female. The third place racer, Jen Wagner-Assal, came out and said that the race was unfair because a biological male was competing against the rest of the field.

With the support of the stated examples, I believe that it’s unfair that these people are able to participate in whatever gender’s sport that they want.