"Faux" Ice-Skating Rink Opens to the Community Near Marshall

New ice rink gives members of the community an opportunity to ice skate in the comfort of their own neighborhood.

A new “ice” rink has opened in Northern Fauquier Community park near Marshall. “Our director Mr. Miller [had the] idea, he thought it would be a good idea to get new and different people out to the park”, Park Director Laurie Crofford said.

Last year they featured a non synthetic ice rink. Crofford explains, “The big difference is last year we had a water [ice rink] and we had to wait for it to freeze, [but] last year and a few years prior we just didn’t get the cold weather. We needed [the temperature to be] below 32 degrees for at least 3-5 days constantly in order for it to freeze we were only open one time [last year].”

Now they have adapted and thanks to the PATH foundation they were able to set up a synthetic ice rink. Crofford says, “The difference here is that it’s not weather dependent [and] we can have it here in the summer and people can still skate.”

The rink is great for children and beginner skaters due to a slight texture difference making it not as slick as ice. There is a $5 fee that includes a pair of skates and 30 minutes on the “ice”. It’s open on Saturdays, Sundays and school holidays from December to March 1.

by Nayeli Arellano–Staff Reporter