2018 Trip to Spain is an Unqualified Success

Spain is a beautiful destination for FHS students every November.

On November 14th, seven FHS students including teacher Ms. Rodriguez took two flights to arrive to Spain. There were seven students including me who took the program. Once we arrived to Spain, we went to the city of Palencia. It was a completely different life in my visualites. Everyone was from different countries around the world and walked to go to one place to another. Each student had a host from Spain who took them all around the city. The city was very interesting because everything was so close, and there were so many people who wore different clothing, spoke different languages, and their attitude towards people seemed so calm and happy. We attended a school in Spain called “La Salle”, which was a private school that contained only 800 students. Everything around Spain and the cities was fantastic to me, and everything I saw wherever I went was something I  never saw before. After Palencia, we went to Madrid, which was a wonderful place to see. Everything appeared exactly how it was explained and there were many people from Italy and they were very interesting to talk to about their life in the city.

Everyone in the group had a unique experience and enjoyed everything about Spain and met many different people. Junior Tim Anikis attended the program and saw many things that he would like to learn more about. “The trip to Spain was very exciting and interesting, I learned [about] a completely different culture there and [did] many new activities [that]  I’ve never done before.”

Ethan Hawes, who is also a Junior is another student who also attended the program. He enjoyed everything there and it was his first time there. “

Spain was a new life there. The school program was different and we had learned how they kept everything under control. There was always something to do and we enjoyed every minute of it.

by Luis Rodriguez–Staff Reporter