Warrenton Christmas Parade is Bigger and Better Than Ever

The FHS track team brings holiday spirit to Main Street.

The spectacular Warrenton Christmas Parade made its way down Main Street this past Friday night, boasting unicyclists, fire trucks, boy scouts, and even a cow. The parade attracted thousands of people from near and far to view the wonderful spectacle with their own eyes. The Town of Warrenton Director of Planning, Brandie Schaeffer, stated that “The whole community rallies around a good parade and this is our best.” Schaeffer also commented that this parade was  “the largest parade we have had to date” with ninety-four floats. The crowded streets and loud cheers proved to many that this was one of the best parades our town has ever had.

Included in the parade were many of Fauquier High School’s students, club members, athletes, and members of other participating businesses and organizations. One participant, Hans Burch, said he “enjoyed being in the parade because [he] got to hang out with his friends on the track team.” The FHS band was also very prominent in the parade, marching down the streets with great pride, and blending in with the rest of the parade with their red, white and black uniforms.

The end of the spectacular parade was marked with the annual Christmas tree lighting at the courthouse by Mayor Carter Nevill, and concluded with fireworks, signaling an end to the parade, but the beginning of Old Town’s holiday season. Gumdrop Square also began this past weekend, filling streets with excited children and adults, ready for a day of shopping and a photo with Santa. The Warrenton Christmas Parade continues to grow each and every year, and to many, is the greatest annual event in Warrenton.

by John Tedeschi–Staff Reporter