FHS Track and Field Team Starts Season Strong

Amanda Arellano, Contributor

Senior Nick Matthews leads the pack during an exciting track meet.

After closing up their cross country season, Fauquier runners began their track & field season in mid-November. The team started off their season well, already participating in two meets. The athletes practice three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for almost two hours.

“It’s been a pretty good start to the season,”said Darrien Mascall. The team received many returning athletes this season who are ready to put in their “total preparation and total effort.”  The team continues to prepare for their upcoming meets and aim at accomplishing their goals.

The team has also received many new members. Freshman Katey Bern is one of those new members and has already set goals for herself. “I want to get as far as I can and hopefully run at districts,”said Bern. She also says that she enjoys being on the team and meeting a variety of new people.   

The team also welcome a new runner from Spain. Jorge Omenaca is a foreign exchange student who is spending his junior year at Fauquier. “I really like the team, I’d say the best part would be all the nice people and making friends,” said Omenaca. “I’d like to do my best and give my best impression of Spanish runners.”

The Fauquier track and field team started their season strong by taking on first place at the NWD Millbrook meet on December 12.

The Track Meet gave athletes the opportunity to qualify for the state meet on February 20. The qualifiers include: Kayla Pavlock in the girls shot put, Patrick Atwell in the 500m dash and the boys 4x800m relay team.

Highlights of the night include: the girls 4x400m and boys 4x800m and 4x400m relay teams placing first, The boys 4x200m and4x800m girls relay teams coming in second place, Kayla Pavlock recieving first place in the shot put, Patrick Atwell receiving first in the 500m dash, Isaiah Brothers received second place in the 55m hurdles; Mark Zitzmann placing second, leading the boys in the 3200m followed by Brian Bolles in third, the girls 4x200m placing in third, Camryn Bland receiving 4th place in the 3200m, leading Fauquier Shelby Rosenberger in 5th place, followed by Bianca Cabral in 6th place, Annie DelGallo in 8th and Caity Cummins in 9th, the 500m we have Kelsey Gastley in 2nd place with Ryan McDaniel-Neff in third place and Mikhaela Ulewicz in 5th place,  in the 55m dash along with Sarah Saas in 9th and Sydney Trussell in 11th place, Morgan Pletch coming in 9th place in the 55m hurdles followed by Cammi Winston in 10th place.

With John Paccassi in 4th and Ryan Godfrey in 5th, first place followed by Nick Matthews in 4th and Justin Tersoglio in 8th, in the 55m dash Donte Grant coming in 7th place, Darrien Mascall in 14th and Geavonte Hull in 15th place,and in the shot put was Joshua Richardson in 6th place, Isaiah McNeal in 10th, and Gage Cutler in 14th.

All of the members of the track team have been constantly practicing, in preparation for their upcoming home meet on December the 22nd.