How to Train Your Dragon’s Nostalgic Final Trilogy


Yohali Arias-Martinz, Staff Reporter

The dragon fantasy PG-rated movie, How To Train Your Dragon, made the third movie to the twelve-book series that is based on. They are about a boy named Hiccup, whose family and village are the center of everything when it comes to hunting down the dragons.

The two allies must work together to save their world’s from being destroyed by their enemies. As he and his village grows with more dragons, their land gets crowded and they become a greater target for their enemies. They always have a plan to escape from what situation they get into and they come up with a backup plan when it’s needed the most.

Hiccup becomes to be the leader of his village when his the time comes and he realizes that Toothless, his dragon, also needs a partner as he already has one. He also leans to let go when time comes and Hiccup only wants what is the best for his scaley retiled best friend.

They didn’t put The Hidden World in the title for nothing. Hiccup played by Jay Baruchel and his partner Astrid played by America Ferrara go to find Toothless when he was not returning home and they fly into a waterfall. They find countless different dragons that they never discovered before and they soon see Toothless with a white light fury, who becomes to be his mate that he always wanted and finally found.  

A great series can’t end without fighting the antagonist and having an ending that will surely make this trilogy the greatest to those dragon lovers.

Many people say that books are always better than movies, and sometimes they can be right about that. The book series has been around since the early 2000s and it has gained a great amount of popularity since its first release by Cressida Cowell. This PG-rated film brings back those memories that you have from being a young child and liking the fantasy world. If you watch all three movies together, then you might be able to see how each character has changed since the beginning and their true colors will show. I recommend this movie and the other two to anyone who wants to feel like a child again and wants to feel like how it once was when they were five years old again. This movie might even have you believe in things that you may once believe in at the end and bring your younger sibling, so that they may too also enjoy that moment of cherishing of time traveling of being a child again.