Artist Spotlight: Gillian Fanning


Eye-catching art and intricate detail in Gillian Fanning’s artwork exhibits creativity and distinction. The Falcon’s Artist of the Month recognition goes to Gillian Fanning nominated by the art department. She has been interested in art ever since the beginning of high school. Fanning is currently enrolled in functional art II with art teacher Charlene Root. “Mrs. Root is the best, I love having her as my art teacher,” Fanning said. “I like that in the class, it’s more arts and crafts than pressured drawing. We have a basic project, but you can do whatever you want with your project and you [be] really creative with how you do it.”

Root has many good things to say about the young artist. “She is an extremely meticulous crafter,” Root said. “Her work always shows great attention to detail, well thought-out ideas, and superb craftsmanship.” She enjoys having Fanning in the class and is always excited to see her work when she finishes.