“The Mandalorian” Introduces a New Style to Star Wars



The Mandalorian plans for an attack against his foes. Who is right?

Addie Cunningham, Contributor

Star Wars fans everywhere are ecstatic about the newest Star Wars television series airing on Disney+, “The Mandalorian.” With the end of the newest trilogy and the announcement of season two, fans remain on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

“The Mandalorian” is a live-action show and a breath of fresh air for fans instead of just the usual animated kids show. The overall storyline is compelling and full of mystery like ‘Baby Yoda’ who no one initially no one knows much about throughout the first season. As a Star Wars fan myself, “The Mandalorian” storyline is seemingly better than the newest trilogy.

“The Mandalorian” takes place after the fall of the empire. The Mandalorian is a bounty hunter who gets sent on a high-paying mission that will test his strengths and who he is as a person.

If you’re an active follower of Star Wars, you will not be disappointed in the visual effects throughout the show. The actors also do a wonderful job stepping into their roles. In all aspects of this film, it lives up to the Star Wars standard.

Pedro Pascal, who plays the main character The Mandalorian, is faced with the task of acting with a helmet. He has to express emotion through his body movements and his voice to show inner conflicts. He accomplishes all this without the view of his face.

The Mandalorian has the most character development throughout the story. His morals are repeatedly tested as he constantly tries to do what he believes is the right thing. We also witness the evolution of other characters as they are tested on who they are as they try to follow their own moral compass.

Without a doubt, the biggest and most liked aspect of “The Mandalorian” is ‘Baby Yoda’. ‘Baby Yoda’ is probably the most mysterious character throughout the show. He is also one of my favorites. He is the most humorous character because of his childlike innocence that is present throughout the season.

The only negative thing about the show is probably that the plot twists are predictable. However, they were necessary to progress the storyline. Hopefully, in the next season, the plot twists will be a little more inconspicuous and give the viewers even more of a thrill.

With the announcement of season two, fans will expect the inventive storyline to continue and answers many of the unsolved mysteries. With the amount of enjoyment I got from this show, I believe “The Mandalorian” is definitely going to be one of my favorite shows of this new year, and I can’t wait for the second season.