“Sonic the Hedgehog” Is a Speedy Success



“Sonic the Hedgehog” is a film that can be enjoyed by both gamers and the everyday viewer.

Sofia Minera, Contributor

When it comes to video game-based movies, such as “Assassin’s Creed” or “Resident Evil,” most people agree they usually don’t turn out very well. However, “Sonic the Hedgehog” is a good example of an outlier. With a funny cast of characters, as well as its funny jokes, this movie is sure to be enjoyable for anyone.

 In “Sonic the Hedgehog,” the audience is introduced to the main character, Sonic (Ben Schwartz), a blue hedgehog alien with speed power who is constantly on the run from danger. After causing a power outage in town, he alerts Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey), the know-it-all villain who sets out to capture Sonic. 

Eventually, Sonic employs the help of a neighborhood cop, Tom Wachowski (James Marsden). Along their journey, they run into many silly situations they need to get out of, all while the two bond as friends. Although the movie is filled with fun references for fans of the Sonic franchise, anyone can enjoy the film’s message of courage and friendship.

 A lot of publicity surrounding the film came from the redesign of the animated hedgehog. The movie was first set to be released in November of 2019, but Sonic’s original design was received with negative backlash online. The release was pushed to February of this year in order to reanimate him. 

The original design of Sonic tried too hard to be realistic, which resulted in Sonic looking a bit creepy and unsettling. However, the new design turned out much better. It was more cartoonish and was faithful to Sonic’s original video game look. 

 I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The story was clear and concise. It was easy to follow, and it didn’t drag on too long. I usually don’t like watching movies that go on for a long time, but this one kept me engaged.

It’s humorous and very entertaining to watch. Jim Carrey did a good job playing Dr. Robotnik; much of the humor in the movie comes from his scenes. Sonic and Tom’s relationship was very wholesome as well. They shared many funny bonding scenes. The multiple hidden references and easter eggs are fun for Sonic fans to spot. I won’t spoil the ending, so stay after the credits to find one of these easter eggs.

  Overall, this film is a simple, fun movie that isn’t too deep or boring. With everything it has to offer, “Sonic the Hedgehog” is a movie that everyone can enjoy.