March 27: Jeck’s Informational Video Summary

Catherine Smith, Advertising and Social Media Director

Superintendent Daivd Jeck released a video on March 27 to update the Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) community on the work administration is doing to resume educational instruction on April 14. Emphasis was placed on the importance of educators being conscientious of the stresses families are under and to plan lessons that do not contribute to further anxiety.
Instructional guidelines will be given to teachers by early April. During this time his staff will work to resolve issues related to converting to remote instruction. Teachers will be “pairing it down to just the required content…What we are encouraging and expecting [is] ease of instruction, ease of delivery, continuity [and] standardized materials,” said Jeck. Jeck also asked teachers to refrain from sending multiple daily emails because he does not want to overwhelm parents and students.
A survey was sent out to parents to find out technological and connective needs. Portable hotspots and buses with high power hotspots, parked in various parts of the county, are part of the solution. The county is also looking at opening up “hub options with internet access to those who don’t have it,” said Jeck. Results from the survey will help to plan for instruction.
He reiterated that all seniors with passing grades in required classes after the first semester “are promoted as of March 13, with no Standard of Learning test(SOL) or verified credit expectation.” Seniors who did not have a passing grade at the end of the semester in a course needed to graduate will receive an opportunity to meet the requirements.
Jeck says he is sorry about the senior situation, “ To complete 98% and then being dealt a lousy hand at the end, it really stinks, and I am really sorry.”
Although prom was canceled, and graduation will not take place as originally planned, Jeck and the high school principals are considering other ways to celebrate graduation and issue diplomas. He believes there is no good answer, and the end solution will require flexibility.
Starting Monday, administrators will be in schools to begin work and schedule a time for teachers to come in and get materials for online instruction. Jeck asks that students and families do not come to the building. If an emergency item is needed, he asks that the school be called beforehand to set up a pick-up time.
Jeck asks everyone to stay tuned to the information coming out in the following weeks and email him with any questions.