April 3: Jeck’s Informational Video Summary


Catherine Smith, Advertising Manager & Social Media Director

Superintendent David Jeck and Deputy Superintendent Major Warner in their April 3 video update explained to the community how remote instruction will be implemented when students resume classes on April 14.

Jeck is aware that during this transitional period teachers are reaching out to students to connect on Google Hangouts and Blackboard Collaboration. He encourages attendees but asks that these non-mandatory meetings are only to connect with students. 

With a plan to ensure credit accumulation as well as proper grades, Fauquier County Public School(FCPS) has adopted a pass-fail approach for marking period four. FCPS has changed the timeline so teachers, parents and students can take the week of April 14-17, much like the first week of traditional school when teachers set expectations and go over policies and procedures.

In other words, the first week “gets into what teachers will be doing, when they are available (at least once a week) and questions and answers, etc,” said Warner. He added that the “hard start date” would be April 20 with digital and paper format lessons. 

FCPS used a committee approach, working with teachers and administrators from all grade levels, to develop guidelines that are consistent with regional partners while still following recommendations from the state superintendent for Region 4. Jeck acknowledges that the plan “isn’t perfect, but it is what fits best for our school community.” He added, “We are doing the best we can to meet the needs of our students and provide them with the resources they need.” 

FCPS will provide summer classes to both those who are not able to participate in remote instruction as well as to those who indicate they need further instruction to prepare for next year’s classes. 

The default class grade for high school, non-senior students will be pass/incomplete unless a student wishes the letter grade earned at the end of semester one. To change the default to a letter grade, parents must send in a written request to the student’s school’s counseling office by June 30.

The county’s Needs Assessment survey, found that of the 5,096 families that responded, 841 households have no computers and 407 have no internet access. Students will be provided with devices and internet hotspots based on the  data. 

Students will be able to pick up devices and hotspots at various locations throughout the county. The first curbside pickup/delivery phase will be for high schoolers on April 16. Middle schoolers will receive theirs around April 21. And finally, elementary students will get theirs around April 23 “as their lessons will be less reliant on technology,” said Warner.

An electronic guide with all the information discussed in the video will be given to parents on or before April 9. Jeck and all of FCPS wants to make sure the information released is right, accurate and has been thought through. That way nothing has to be corrected if anything changes at the state level. Jeck says, “hang in there, keep questions coming, reach out to me directly, I am happy to help in any way possible.”

For a word by word description: https://t.co/Vvq2EeL3tn?amp=1

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