Kraig Kelican Announced Official FHS Principal


Rachel Singleton

Kelican stands by his family after being announced interim principal at one of last years faculty meetings.

Rachel Singleton, Editor-in-Chief

Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) announced that Kraig Kelican would become the official principal at a school board meeting on April 20, after serving one year as the interim principal. 

Kelican has been part of the FHS family for about 34 years. He began his career after attending Virginia Tech for a bachelors in agriculture education and then attending George Mason University for his master’s in education administration. Following university, Kelican jumped into the field of education, becoming the agriculture teacher at FHS and Taylor Middle School. He held this position for about 12 years before he became FHS assistant principal in 1997.

Faculty was first notified that the selection process for a permanent principal would begin after Superintendent David Jeck announced it at a faculty meeting on Feb. 12. Jeck said that the primary goal would be to take in lots of feedback which would enable them to find the best fit for FHS. 

With this goal,  surveys and meetings were held to weigh in on the decision. Jeck released a client survey to all the stakeholders of the principal selection, met with the FHS student advisory group as well as the FHS Principal Selection Committee. Additionally, he sifted through applications for other potential candidates.

Prior to the school board meeting, Kelican went through an interview process over a few weeks and at the final interview, Jeck informed him that he would be recommending Kelican to the school board for the principal position. The meeting was held over Zoom, and Kelican joined so that he could answer any of the board member’s questions. Following the meeting, Kelican was officially named the FHS principal

Kelican said that he was excited and humbled when he was named the official principal. “This has been a goal and dream of mine since I began my career at FHS 34 years ago,” Kelican said. “I am so appreciative that Dr. Jeck and the members of the School Board have the faith and trust in me to lead Fauquier High School.”

After this news was released, social media accounts blew up as teachers, parents, club members, and athletics posted congratulatory posts. Most posts were celebratory, saying they were so excited when they found out and the decision was long overdue. Others added that earning this position is well-deserved, and that they are excited to work with him. 

Kelican said that he was also humbled by all the support he received following the announcement. “I think this is indicative of the strong community support we have for our school and the value that is placed to continue as a strong and well respected learning institution,” said Kelican. 

For the upcoming school year, Kelican plans to “continue the traditions of FHS and support the students, parents, staff and community in every way possible.” He added, “I want to see Fauquier to continue serving our students with unique learning opportunities for personal growth and in preparation for their future.

Kelican also strives to remain supportive, connected and fair with the FHS students and teachers. He added, “I also want to continue building relationships with our school organizations and the community because I believe we need to support each other.”

  Another goal is “to improve the culture, climate and morale at FHS,” said Kelican. “We have seen a huge improvement. I hear positive comments every day from students, parents and others about the family atmosphere and positive spirit that has returned to our school.  I want to continue to build this spirit and foster that positive environment.”

Editor’s Note:

The Falconer would like to congratulate Kraig Kelican for earning this position. We appreciate how much heart he has put into leading us through the unprecedented current crisis, and we are ready to move into a second year under his leadership. Go Falcons!