Discovery of Life on Venus?

A surprising discovery in our solar system might lead to alien life.

New scientific research released by NASA shows phosphine, a possible signature of life, present in the atmosphere of Venus. Phosphine(PH3) is a new discovery for mankind. Marissa Martin,FHS astronomy teacher, shared her opinion on the event.

Q: What do you think about this discovery?

A: I think the discovery of PH3 on Venus is incredibly cool. Life on other planets has been one of the biggest questions we have wondered about. Any new discoveries are so exciting! Regardless of if there is or isn’t life on Venus, this is a great example of our expanding knowledge of our solar system!

Q: What is your opinion on whether we should interact more with Venus and it’s potential life?

A: I think the potential for life on Venus should be explored; however, I’d be very curious to see the next steps that scientists take with this discovery. These new findings raise a lot more questions, and it’ll be fascinating to see what happens next!

Q: How do you feel about life in space altogether?

A: I firmly believe that life in space exists. The lifeforms out there may look nothing like us and may be very far away, but there is always the potential! Even tiny microbes would be a literal life-changing discovery. The universe is about 14 billion years old, so who’s to say life didn’t exist somewhere else, long before we did? It might exist somewhere long after we are gone!