Kamala Harris, An Inspiration for Girls Like Me


Mer Kulang

Juddy Jolicoeur (9)

Generation Z, more commonly known as Gen. Z, had a huge influence on the 2020 election. Approximately 159.8 million Americans voted this year, a major increase from the 2016 election. This young generation saw something wrong and wanted to make a change.
By voting, Americans are exercising their amendment rights, and many of these new voters saw the importance of this during this election period. People all over America didn’t like what was happening under the current administration, much like me. With the crazy influx of votes and a complex Presidential race, the first biracial woman of color was elected into the second highest power.
Oftentimes, women are deemed as too emotional or not “fit” for certain jobs, but Vice President Elect Kamala Harris proved them wrong. When she was announced Vice President Elect I honestly started crying. It’s a relief that I will be able to grow up in a country where change is possible.
Her and President Elect Joe Biden plan to focus their attention on people of color (POC) being killed every single day because of their skin color. Their plan isn’t perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction. It proves that the right people in office, with the right agenda, can start a huge impact.
Harris identifies as both Black and Indian, and she makes girls, like me, feel inspired. She makes women and girls of color feel “powerful”, in a sense. Powerful that they can create history and should never stop dreaming. Not only do I want to get involved in politics because of her, but I want to make a difference in the world, my world.
Harris provides us an example that yes, someday there will be more diversity in the government. That someday the first Black/Brown, openly LGBTQ+, Muslim, Asian, Indian woman will become president. As a Black girl in a highly conservative county, trying my best to stand up for what I believe in, Harris is definitely an inspiration.