Cheer Season this Year, A Cheerleaders Story


provided by Carleigh Graham

Carleigh held the position of Staff Reporter for The Falconer.

My name is Carleigh Graham and I am a senior on the sideline and competitive varsity cheerleading teams. This year has been crazy for my team. We weren’t even sure we were going to have a season this year at all, but luck seemed to be on our side. We had a successful basketball sideline season during December and we just began our football sideline and competition season last month.
During the sideline season, so many things were different. For example, during basketball games there were no spectators allowed. Our team’s entire purpose is to cheer on the team playing but also to pump up the crowd. Without the crowd this year, I’m sad to say our job almost seemed pointless. The rest of the season was a mess, from cheerleaders having to quarantine, to traveling, to snow cancellations and everything in between, but we made it through.
Currently, we are right in the midst of football season. Though different and much colder, we are allowed spectators which makes our job much more enjoyable. Though not wearing our normal uniforms and feeling as though we may freeze to death, it’s so exciting to watch the boys yell, tackle and play hard while cheering and entertaining the crowd.
My favorite part of this “fall” season is competition. Competition season is what most of us cheerleaders live for. Six days of the week we are practicing hard getting ready to compete against other cheerleading squads who are doing the same thing. This year to reduce contact, some of the rules were changed. For example, our stunting sections are limited to one legged, non-moving stunting positions where the fliers may pull pretty positions in the air. Unlike in years past where everyone gets to see the throwing of girls into the air or the twisting on one foot.
Though disappointing, my team is really trying to make the best of this season. We work hard and compete harder to win the state’s ring.