"Crysis 3" – Long on style, short on substance

Josh Henry, Design Editor

The Prophet has returned, but he’s not offering a religious experience. In Crysis 3, the latest installment in the EA games first-person-shooter series, the main character, Prophet, and his high-powered suit of armor are back and kicking CELL’s (CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics) backside yet again. However, CELL is not the only enemy; the alien race Ceph still lurks in the shadows of New York City in the year 2047.
Crysis 3’s weak storyline prevents this series from being great. The plot is vague at critical points, especially regarding the powers of Prophet’s nanosuit. This one suit has the power to destroy an entire alien race, but how?
The game begins 20 years after Crysis 2, during which Prophet has been busy hunting down the Alpha Ceph. As the game begins, Prophet has been captured by the villainous group CELL. (How did that happen when he has a suit that makes him virtually invincible?) Never mind, because Prophet is freed to join the fight by rebels who are combating CELL and their dastardly plot to rule the world through the monopolization of energy. However, as the game progresses, the Ceph alien menace returns, and Prophet is once again caught in a firefight between CELL and the Ceph.
Although the storyline of this game is less than refined, the campaign playthrough is. The maps of 2047 New York are large, but very manageable. The difficulty system is not very challenging, but for people playing this game for the first time, it should be helpful. Also, the newest weapon in the series, the Predator Bow, is the coolest thing, like, ever. The bow, combined with the invisibility feature of the nanosuit, make for one of the most deadly combos in videogame history.
Crysis 3 gets an A-plus in one specific category – graphics. This is the most beautiful game on the market. Crysis 3 boasts the most realistic storms, jungles, wastelands, and half-destroyed New York City that anyone has seen in a console videogame. Character animation is also near perfection. Not only do the enemies look flawless, but the simple motions of Prophet, such as when pulling back the Predator Bow, are crisp.
The multiplayer feature of Crysis 3 is still not refined on console. A high-powered computer is much more serviceable for this game. That being said, the multiplayer is still fun and challenging. For those new to the series, it takes some getting used to playing with the armor and invisibility modes of the nanosuit. Overall, the multiplayer feature is just as pretty as the rest of the game, but not top-of-the-line.
This game will not please everyone, but it is worth a try. This will be more of a bargain-shopper game. Wait a few months for the price to drop $20 and then buy. Crysis 3 is the best-looking game I have ever played. Although the campaign can be uninteresting and confusing at times, the sheer fun of being an unstoppable force of nature (with a bow) is over the top.