The Falcon Cafe Releases New Information for this School Year



The Falcon Cafe has many updates for the new school year including free lunch for all students ages 2-18.

The Falcon Cafe will once again be offering all breakfast and lunch to those ages 2-18 at no charge this year. This excludes individual items or seconds.
There is no requirement to sign up, but “we are still urging people to fill out the application for free and reduced pricing,” wrote Cafe Manager Lindsay Bacom-Stewart in an email. Families that feel they qualify should complete it to receive other benefits. It also helps the district with future funding projects.
Weekend meal packs are available for in-person students at the 519 concession stands during Friday dismissal. Virtual Academy students and those not registered under FCPS1 may receive a seven days meal bundle by contacting the cafeteria or completing this form. They are available from one to two p.m. on Fridays at the Student Drop Off and Pick Up Area, the backside of the cafeteria.
New to the Falcon Cafe is the line set-up. There is a dedicated pizza line in line 1, a hot menu line in line two and a Grab and Go line that has deli sandwiches, new slushies and salads. Each line is labeled when students enter the cafeteria.
The Cafe is working on providing student bar code cards to “make the line run as quickly and as touch free as possible,” according to the email from Stewart. Homeroom teachers will pass them out to all students once they are complete.