Editorial: A call to end student disrespect beginning with today’s actions

The Falconer editors speak out against this year’s student misbehaviors


Ashley Halbrook

The signs hung in the parking lot define what it means to be a Fauquier Falcon.

The Falconer Editors

We walk into school each day taking advantage of the opportunities we have and overlooking the fact that a year ago, life was very different. The Falconer editors recognize this opportunity and do not stand with the behavior of several students so far this year. The recent acts of vandalism, fighting and disrespect do not represent the values of a Fauquier Falcon.
This year we are seeing so many students no longer honoring the tradition, excellence, community, respect and pride our school stands for. While we may have adjusted back to the school environment, the behaviors are far from the expected level of high schoolers. Our school system is facing a lack of leadership and example from the upperclassmen and a lack of respect and good behavior from the underclassmen.
COVID-19 impacted the crucial developmental stages of many students who went from seventh graders to freshmen without any of the typical growing experiences. It was expected with the return to see several students who didn’t know where to go, who to hang out with or what to do in high school. However, the purely immature nature of activities that continue to happen day-to-day in the halls, classrooms and bathrooms is unacceptable. These immature behaviors are paving the way for the rest of high school and they must come to a stop.
Right now, social media trends are influential on teenage behaviors, prompting lots of negative ideas to pursue. For example, “Devious Licks,” a trend perpetuated through social media all around the U.S. High schoolers are all old enough to understand the dumbness behind these acts and the consequences of actions like these. Students took the acts too far and shut down bathrooms for long periods of time. We still see the aftermath in some hallways, however, students still haven’t learned their lesson.
An Instagram page was created called “fhs_lackin” with a bio reading “ain’t no one safe.” The page consisted of posts of students’ feet in bathroom stalls with captions. The page was removed a day after its creation, but students once again took to inappropriate behavior just because they can. There is no real reason behind these acts which makes the situations more frustrating.
These activities impair daily functions as the behaviors extend from outside of school shenanigans to in-school demonstrations of inappropriate behaviors. Actions have prompted multiple discussions from administration and initiatives from staff to correct behavior. Administration and staff also attribute a lack of respect from the underclassmen due to bad examples set by some of the upperclassmen.
Dude. be nice was implemented to start a movement of positive and respectful culture amongst teachers and students. We hope to see a change in the school atmosphere with this new initiative offered to all students and encourage participation. The goal of the group is to combat disrespectful behavior and promote strong role models through group activities focused on improving the school community; this is just what we need.
The joking around and play fights that lead to real arguments and actual aggression have got to end. It is creating an impact on the school environment and ruining the reputation of all Fauquier Falcons. The Falconer editors employ students to report these negative behaviors, join groups like dude. be nice, influence friends to make the right
choices and live up to the standard high school behavior we know everyone is capable of.