Potsdam BLM Activist Believes Her Son Was Killed To Silence Her

This article contains mentions of suicide that may make readers uncomfortable.

An activist in New York City is seeking support on social media after her son died. Jennifer Baxtron began organizing for Black Lives Matter in Potsdam, NY, in June of 2020. She was a vocal critic of the local and state police departments, especially concerning the ruling in the death of Garret Phillips. Her son, Terron Evans Jr. joined her in protest.

On Jan. 8, 2021, 26 year old Evans was found dead in the home of his girlfriend, Crystal Kipp Hamilton. His cause of death is officially a heart attack caused by overdose on Wellbutrin, an antidepressant. Both Hamilton and Evans were prescribed Wellbutrin. Hamilton claims that when she awoke that morning she found Evans dead next to her with two empty pill bottles. Hamilton’s explanation is that he must have taken the pills and died in bed next to her.

Baxtron does not believe this, as she says in her public statement. Wellbutrin overdoses are known to cause seizures. The autopsy done on Evans showed no pills in his stomach. Baxtron also questions the method of police who appeared on the scene, saying they delayed entry and CPR, and used questionable CPR tactics. The officer in question resigned ten days after Baxtron filed a complaint. Most of all, Baxtron was told by community members that Hamilton was a known drug dealer and police informant.

Five officers responded to the scene, yet Baxtron only received around a minute of body camera footage from one officer. Of the five interviews police conducted concerning the death, she was given no statements. Baxtron filed a FOIL request in April 2021, but has yet to receive the interviews and photos.

Baxtron has taken to social media to get her son’s story out, namely on Tiktok. She has also opened a GoFundMe for help with the investigation. All her social media links can be found on her LinkTree.

In any case, the voice of a mourning parent is important. Baxtron has a right to the evidence and a right to question, which has been repeatedly denied to her. It’s a shame to see a grieving mother continue to be tortured by a lack of answers. There is no reason to keep the evidence about Terron’s death secret if there is nothing that they want to keep hidden, and Kipp having police connections only furthers suspicions. Historically, violence has been used to silence activist voices, so it’s easy to understand why Baxtron has suspicions. Regardless, Terron Evans deserves justice for his death, and if there are any concerns about how his case was handled they need to be heard and investigated. The Potsdam police need to give the people answers.