Apple’s operating system, iOS, and Android both provide users with comparable experiences, especially in recent years. While many features overlap between both systems, iOS outshines Android because of the iOS-specific features that the system offers users.

iOS and the Apple ID allows users to unite all of their devices in a so-called Apple Ecosystem. This system links all of a person’s Apple products, meaning their iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iMac, and even their car (through Apple CarPlay) will stay connected. Unlike Android, iOS links all of a user’s devices, so they run together smoothly.

Another example of how iOS is superior to Android is FaceTime. iOS users can instantly connect to other iOS users through a video call. FaceTime was made available to Android devices in September 2021, but it is a much more complex process. There is no Android app for FaceTime. Instead, for Android users to FaceTime, they must follow a link sent by an iOS user. After following the link, they can join the call in a browser.

Unlike Android, iOS provides a sleek and easy-to-navigate user interface (UI). iOS’ UI is consistent throughout the entire Apple Ecosystem. iOS provides users with a less cluttered experience, making the products easier to use. While Android has made strides in user accessibility in recent years, iOS still comes out on top.

Apple has strict regulations and processes that an app has to go through before becoming available to users. This process prevents apps that crash or have bugs, have poor performance, or have privacy concerns from being downloaded onto an iOS device.

iOS devices are more standardized, making it easier for app designers to develop their apps for iOS than for Android. Androids have a lot of diverse devices, meaning it is hard to design an app that will work well and look good on these devices. Many apps are released for iOS before they are for Android because of this reason.

Cameras on iOS phones are consistently better than those on Android phones. While some of the higher-end Android phones have decent cameras, other Android phones have far inferior camera quality than iPhones. iOS provides a seamless photo-taking experience and produces consistently higher quality photos than Android.

iOS is clearly the superior operating system. It is the most popular operating system in the United States, and for good reason. It provides a far more user friendly experience and many features that Android doesn’t touch. iOS’ sleek and elegant design makes the user experience more enjoyable.