Gainesville’s Hidden Gem


Shannon Seiler

SoBol is an amazing choice for breakfast or an after school snack.

For students looking to bring a little sunshine to the coldest of days, Sobol is the place to go. Sobol is a small smoothie bowl cafe located in Gainesville. The experience is unlike any other smoothie cafe. The Sobol website states that they, “…believe that eating healthier alternatives should never be a chore.” The friendly and approachable staff make wait times as quick as possible. What sets them apart from other smoothie restaurants is their fresh ingredients, completely customizable menu, and allergy aware options.

Sobol’s menu is quite versatile, with smoothies and smoothie bowls being their biggest attraction, but also a variety of seasonal soups. They have four smoothie blends to choose from, all of which are completely customizable. Extras including fruits, seeds, and spreads are available for an additional charge and can enhance the taste of the bowls greatly. There are six smoothie options, all of which contain healthy ingredients and are customizable. Their menu also includes Belgian waffles that you can add toppings to, and delicious hot and iced coffees. There are also nut free granola and different milk substitutions you can make in the coffees and smoothies.

Due to the handcrafted products and fresh ingredients, the prices are bound to be slightly high. The goods are curated to be visually appealing and delicious, which make the price well worth it. A visit to Sobol can brighten your day with the chill and beachy atmosphere, which makes this a perfect morning excursion for anyone who enjoys a good smoothie. The well decorated building appeals to this vibe and can make any day feel like a beach vacation. Sobol is a hidden Gainesville gem and between the menu and vibes this spot is surely a 10/10.