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We Need Four Day Weeks

Tatum Walker
Students are exhausted from too many school days.

Having four days a week of school is sufficient. One less day of school would give students a mental health day, save money and give students more opportunity to exercise. During the pandemic, students were only going four days a week and it worked.

A four day week gives students a mental health day to relieve their anxiety and stress. This will give students time to catch up on their homework or school work that they may have missed. This also gives teachers an opportunity to plan for their classes and grades.

With budget issues in Fauquier County, a four day week could help with electricity, water bills, gas and paying employees. If students aren’t using the facilities, then water and electricity isn’t being used. A lot of money could be saved on bus drivers because they wouldn’t be driving five days a week. The buses may not have as many mechanical problems if they aren’t used as much.

On the extra day off, students would have time to get additional support in classes, catch up on assignments, do make-up work or socialize. On that day, students could participate in sports or go to the gym.

During the pandemic, students went to school four days a week and classes were at a much faster pace. Classes were much easier and more structured. During five day- a-week classes, the classes aren’t structured as well, and there is a lot of down time and sitting around. Students are also not focused because they are in classrooms for so long.

FCPS should go back to four days a week, just like we did during the pandemic. Students can still learn but be more successful. Because they are going less days, they would have time to catch up, do homework and take some time for themselves.

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About the Contributor
Tatum Walker, Staff
Hi! My name is Tatum and I’m a senior here at FHS. This is my first year writing for the Falconer. I love to swim, travel, workout, and listen to music. I’m super excited to be apart of the Falconer this year!
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