Twitter-sparked ‘Fauquier Fight Week’ is senseless, stupid

Lana Heltzel, Online/Associate Editor

It’s like I always say— kids are stupid.
And lately, kids have been particularly stupid. “Fauquier Fight Week” began the week following Homecoming, and with the arrival of this so-called “Fauquier fight club,” (I believe “loose-association of certified idiots” would be a more apt name) the school atmosphere has been noticeably more tense, and understandably so. Assault is not a joke. Threats are not a joke. This whole matter is absolutely not to be laughed at. I, like many other students, originally thought the whole concept was asinine and would blow over almost immediately. “It’s just a dumb Twitter trend,” I thought. “Nothing could possibly come out of it.”
But now people are scared. People have gotten hurt. And you know what comes out of mobs of panicked, scared people? Blind chaos. Rumors get created, blown out of proportion, then passed on.  Before you tweet something, set your phone down for two seconds and think, “Is this ridiculously ignorant? Am I posting this to fan the flames of some idiotic movement that could hurt people?” A modicum of forethought would be greatly appreciated.
Allow me to set the record straight: you live in Fauquier County. Not in a warzone, not in West Side Story—rural little Fauquier County. When you make threats of violence, these matters get taken seriously and reflect poorly upon FHS. Release your frustrations via civilized discourse and debate, not through knocking someone out cold. Now that’s simply uncalled for.
Ultimately, school should be a place where people feel safe. FHS is a place of learning, not a WWE arena. Nobody deserves to feel threatened here.