Dancing Fun in French Class

Madame Geopper brings song and dance to French students and the school.


Tobiey Martinez

Goepper teaching students dances during class time in the courtyard

Nicole Goepper teaches her students through music and movement to improve the learning of French Vocabulary. Along with familiarization of French words, Goepper also believes that it “takes courage for the students to dance in front of the whole school and not be embarrassed about it.”

Goepper likes to involve her students in creating the dances for fun and pep rallies, “I came up with a dance for the first day of school one year, probably back in 2000. It was like the first day thing to do, and the kids really liked it and it just kind of kept evolving. Then it was like a “thing” that I danced with my kids,” said Goepper.

Goepper also plays music during class changes. Many times she allows students to use the karaoke microphone to sing along with the songs.

Goepper has created a TikTok account displaying the dances that her students have learned. “There are a lot of songs that have silly moves in them that are actually teaching them vocabulary,” said Geopper.

She also teaches some of the dances to other teachers. “For the Pep Rally, she taught many students how to do some of the dances and the courtyard is the place to be,” said Spanish teacher Pam Chovnick.

She also is the sponsor for the French club and co-sponsor for the dude. be nice initiative. Students who have had Goepper speak highly of her and her French classes. She brings music and dance to our community while keeping it educational.