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Falcon Fresh Faces: Henry Konstanty

Nathan Potes
New Algebra teacher Henry Konstanty poses for a photo.

Father of five, cross country coach and a hard working experienced teacher who has 25 years of teaching experiences, Henry Konstanty is a new algebra teacher at FHS.

Konstanty has been a teacher for a very long time, saying, “I have taught at a university as a math teacher, and, since then, it has been 27 years.”

Konstanty said math was his favorite subject. “That was the thing I was actually good at, and it was my favorite subject.” Konstanty has teaching experiences from his college days, saying, “My first teaching experience was when I was a graduate student, and, as a graduate student, they allowed me to teach a couple sections of classes. I enjoyed that. After grad school, I worked in the insurance field around 30 years ago, and I just recently got back into the teaching job once again.”

He also claimed he has very few hobbies outside of school. Konstanty said, “I am busy with kids. I have five kids, three of them are in college but two are at home. I spend a lot of time doing things with them. I am actually the coach for my son’s Cross Country team, and that takes a bit of time after school, so I spend most of my day doing that!” Konstanty continued, saying that, “This school is actually bigger than my son’s school, which is around 250 kids. I came from a school that had around 2000 kids. So, no, this doesn’t seem too big for me.”

New teachers struggle finding their ways around, so it’s wonderful FHS has a teacher who studies the school and learns their way. He also claimed that he did not live in Virginia all his life. Konstanty said, “I lived in Southern New Jersey, around Philadelphia, and I’ve lived in Virginia for about 30 years.”
Konstanty said his favorite parts about being a teacher are the “interactions with the students, and I really enjoy when someone says they will understand something they really don’t understand, that I’ve already gone through.”

He said what motivated him as a teacher is “Being able to help students learn something, and help them learn something so school is not confusing for them.”

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