Practicing Photography Skills with a Job at McClanahan Camera

Three… Two… One… Say cheese! Senior Anna Tate spends time outside of school working at McClanahan Camera in Warrenton. Tate does a multitude of things at McClanahan’s, and says, “The consistent things I’d say I do are help people with the kiosk system, so uploading photos for [McClanahan’s] to print for them.” Tate continues by saying, “I take passport photos and assist with that.”

Tate says that it can be stressful to manage school expectations, extracurriculars, and work, but she states that “it’s not a terribly stressful job.” Tate continues, “Balancing work and school and sports and all that stuff is definitely a little bit stressful.”

Tate says that she was “not really” interested in photography before starting to work at McClanahan’s, but that “It was one of those things where it would have been cool to get into, but now that I started working there, now I’m actually really into photography.” Tate continues by saying, “I think it’d be cool to minor in it in college.” Tate emphasizes her interest in photography, saying she “just bought two new lenses for [her] cameras.”

Tate has worked at McClanahan’s for about a year and a half, and says she doesn’t “sell cameras, unfortunately.” Tate continues by saying, “I’m not the one to go to for that. But, I can do almost everything else, like just general upkeep.”

Tate describes the people she interacts with as her favorite part of her job, saying, “I love all of my coworkers.” She continues, saying, “They are all really funny, and as cringy as it is, we are all kind of like a family.” Tate goes on to describe the customers she interacts with at McClanahan’s, saying, “A lot of the customers are like older people, and even the younger people too, everybody is so nice there.”

Tate states, “The people are really nice at McClanahan’s… and I really feel like I have connected with that job a lot and I am definitely going to miss it when I off to college.” Tate rounds out her thoughts by saying, “It’s a really positive environment to work in.”