FHS Mask Fashion

As America has been asked to wear a mask for almost a year now, I think we can say masks are officially an accessory. From designer brands to small businesses, most brands have started producing fashionable masks that can match your everyday outfit.
Plain black masks are always a great choice when going for a sleek look, but sometimes it’s good to spice up your mask-wear choice to something funkier. Freshman Deanna Rowley says she likes to wear black and white masks because they go with everything. “When I pick an outfit I typically switch between a black or white mask because they go with almost everything but black ones are my go to.”As I’ve seen in stores like Kohls, Marshalls and Walmart, sequin masks, patterned masks and neon masks are making an appearance to channel a trendy style.
Sarah Spellings of Vogue Magazine says we must embrace the masks because they are now a part of our lives, “I’ve been thinking a lot about fashion masks, and how masks will fit into the fashion industry as they become such an important part of our wardrobes. For better or worse, that’s what it is: something we wear. So it’s not surprising that they’ve become a fashion statement.” Should Masks Be Fashion Accessories?
Ellie Smith, freshman, says she is “so comfortable wearing a mask, it is weird not to wear one. My family has bought enough masks in different colors and patterns that it has become part of what I’m wearing when going out. Whenever I’m getting a mask before going out I have already decided, in my mind, which makes me want [to] because it coordinates with my outfit for that day,” said Smith.
The next time you are picking out an outfit make sure to include a mask. Make it funky and make it fashionable for we must accept that masks are here to stay while COVID-19 lingers.