November’s Return: Opinions from FHS Teachers


Hayley Ponn

FHS Teachers have varying opinions on returning to school in November.

The Fauquier County Public School (FCPS) School Board approved the reopening of our public schools, during a meeting on September 23. This decision causes teachers to be present at the school and teach both the students in the classes and those remaining virtual through a livestream. Teachers at FHS voiced concerns such as having to restart after students just got adjusted, but others believe students will benefit from the 1 on 1 instruction.
“The high schoolers have just adjusted to their virtual schedule. As teachers, we finally have them logging on at the correct times for synchronous days. We have a routine set up for the asynchronous days. Now everything is going to get turned upside down,” said math teacher Amy Granger. Many teachers discussed the same concern over forming a new routine so late in the year right before classes switch in January.
“We have worked so diligently to make our classes engaging, challenging, relevant, accessible and sprinkled with a little bit of fun, so that the kids actually look forward to senior English – imagine that,” said theatre teacher Emmet Bales. These teachers are concerned that everything they have put in place, is all going to be gone when school returns.
However, some teachers believe that a return to the classroom is what is needed. “I think many students are struggling with virtual learning and at the end of the day, the county needs to provide quality education regardless of the risks,” said history teacher Kristina Burkart. Online classes give teachers two days a week to explain lessons to their students but many times they run into complications with internet or computer operation. Teachers said that they can’t offer the extra help or hands on activities some kids need to understand.
Even with worrying about the kinks, many teachers have decided to take on the challenges. “I always look forward to the new challenge of readjusting and reinventing what my classes will look like. While it will be tough making the adjustment in the middle of what has become an established routine, I am looking forward to being able to see my students in person!” said French teacher Nicole Goepper.