Pumpkin Carvings and Smiles


Hayley Ponn

(October 2020) – Carving pumpkins and catching up with fellow faculty and students, Nicole Goepper decided to spread some school spirit.

On October 23, FHS faculty and their children had the opportunity to carve pumpkins. It was an activity for teachers to get out of their classrooms and do something with their kids.
Mary Jo Sears, Rebecca Isaac, Colleen Robson and her daughters Alyssa and Stephanie Robson, Nicole Goepper and her daughter Evie Hutt, Cassidy Scott, Seneca Scott and Madonna Wilt wore masks and social distanced while carving pumpkins. Each participant brought their own pumpkins and carving tools.
Alyssa Robson, one of the carvers, said that her “favorite part about the pumpkin carving was seeing everyone smiling and laughing in these stressful times. It was a quick 1 hour break from school work and teaching for us, and it also lifted out Halloween spirits. We plan on doing an event for staff and their kids each month so I can’t wait for the next one! It’s important to have fun even when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work.”