March 20 Update

Catherine Smith, Advertising Manager & Social Media Director

Superintendent David Jeck’s latest update included details about student meals, internet access, and possible extended cancelation.

Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) will begin a Grab-and-Go lunch program on March 23. Jeck stated they will use this as an “opportunity to learn how to be more efficient and expand meal provisions.” They may offer door-to-door service later. FCPS is also asking neighbors and families to help each other during this time. See Meals Link 

Jeck’s goals include stopping the spread through “social distancing” which may impact school activities. He makes decisions beginning with the question: ‘What is best for kids?’. And even though things are constantly changing, “FCPS seeks to meet students’ needs by offering continuing instruction through optional educational materials.”

The FCPS Department of Instruction is working on various internet and non-internet forms of instruction for families. “FCPS has stakeholders willing to provide tablets, laptops, etc., for families in need,” but many still would lack access to internet. FCPS granted permission for residents to park at schools to use school wi-fi.