The Man Behind the Athletes


Amanda Arellano, Staff Reporter

March is National Athletic Trainer Month and there’s one face many athletes and students recognize, Bryan Grimley. For those who haven’t met Bryan, he has been the athletic trainer for 11 years now. He cares for any injured athletes and also teaches a class for those who wish to pursue any related careers.

Bryan grew up in Fauquier County and decided to pursue athletic training and education. “I took this class in high school,” said Bryan. “I just kind of fell in love with it so I decided to do it in college too.”

After finishing college, Bryan became an athletic trainer. Brian said his favorite part about his job “is working with the kids.” With the constant injuries athletes face, Bryan encounters many students throughout the year.

“He’s hardworking,” said senior Ashby Nye. “He goes above and beyond to help the students and he’s always there if you need help.”

With a large number of injuries among student-athletes, he is dedicating a large portion of his time to the students and athletes. “Definitely the least favorite part is the [number] of hours, it’s a lot of long hours,” said Bryan. He is definitely someone to appreciate due to his large contribution to Fauquier’s Athletics.