2021 Prom and After Prom Party Update


made in Canva by Catherine Smith

FHS sent out a letter containing information about 2021 Prom and After Prom Party.

The FHS After Prom Party Committee is “tentatively beginning plans for a different kind of prom and After Prom Party,” said Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire. If they continue with the current plan, prom will be open to juniors and seniors, with priority given to seniors, it will be free to attend and attendees can win prizes with one senior receiving a large cash prize. They are asking for support in the form of monetary donations with an option to donate online at www.fauquiereie.org. Go to “Donate Here For After- Prom and Graduation” and choose “Fauquier High School” in the “Additional Information for Your Order” section. Donations are tax-deductible by law. If this year’s prom is cancelled, the After Prom Party Committee plans to recognize the class “in some way at the end of the school year.” Any further questions should be directed to Griffin-Bonnaire at 703-407-3984 or [email protected].