Russian-Ukrainian War: A Local View


Flickr/World Economic Forum / Boris Baldinger

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine.

On February 24, 2022 Putin ordered his armies to cross into Ukraine after several months of excessive military buildup. This invasion was both expected, but also unexpected. Everyone knew Putin was going to order armies into Ukraine, but the question was “When?” Finally, it has occurred and bloody combat all over Ukraine has commenced.
Both civilians and military personnel in Ukraine are determined to defend their country. Some of the most intense scenes have occurred in Ukraine’s two largest cities, Kiev and Kharkiv. The city of Kharkiv has been contested from Ukraine to Russia over and over again, as rebels and military keep fighting back. Kiev, on the other hand, has only taken minor casualties directly from the Russian Army, as only the northern part has been breached.

Western Nations have imposed sanctions on Russia in hope of harming the Russian war effort, but China has simply been resupplying the Russians with what has been sanctioned. It’s obvious that China and Russia are not scared of beginning a third world war, however the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is. Another world war would destroy the world’s economy and cause millions of more deaths than both previous wars due to the advancement in technology.

Though all we can do is wait for this situation to play out, the best we can do is to support Ukraine in it’s endeavors to stop the Russian War Machine from annexing Ukrainian territory and possibly, holding a firm “iron fist” and grasp around Ukraine. If you are interested in donating to organizations to help the Ukrainian people in need check out: UNICEF, Ukrainian Red Cross and the UN Refugee Agency.