Upcoming Fashion Trends for This Summer


Clara Compton

Sophomore Ella Black wears a light blue tube top with denim shorts and black and white low dunks.

As the fashion of 2023 changes rapidly, the new trending styles for this summer are making their way into stores. With the weather getting warmer, summer apparel is making an appearance once again. It’s the time of year for shorts, tank tops, swimsuits and sun hats. It’s time for summer!

Tube tops are sure to lead the list of upcoming summer fashion trends. These no-sleeve tops are great to wear over a bathing suit as a cover up, or just the top itself with a nice pair of denim shorts. These stylish tops are coming back from when they were last popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s and are also great for layering when the summer nights start to get cool. With them being so versatile, be sure to add a few to your wardrobe.

Jorts, or jean shorts, have been popular for a while but that doesn’t mean they won’t be stylish this year. In the past, these denim shorts were very short and revealing, but the longer, baggier shorts are going to be all the rave this summer. These baggy shorts will look very good with a cropped shirt or tank top. The baggy style is a staple from the 1990s and early 2000s. While all jean shorts are going to be in fashion this summer, basic denim shorts with fraying pieces are going to be very much in style. Often referred to as the “TikTok jeans”, they are more of a shorter style that is sure to be popular this summer.

Mini dresses are also very important for the summer wardrobe. These dresses come in many different shapes and sizes. For example, there are smocked dresses that you can wear anytime of day, workout dresses to spice up your sporty wardrobe, lightweight linen dresses that are great for a day at the beach, sparkly dresses to wear to a fun party and wrap dresses that can be used as a cover up for a bathing suit. All of these styles are great for the summer heat, as they are all lightweight and very cute.

The last item that will be popular this summer is brightly colored accessories. Whether it’s shoes, sunglasses, bags, or jewelry, all these will be a trendy staple in summer fashion. Bright accessories are a great way to spruce up a plain outfit. They add some pop to your fashion without being too much. The best way to pull off the bright colored look is to keep the pieces in a similar color scheme. For example, a basic white t-shirt and denim shorts, with bright pink sunglasses and bright pink sneakers. However you decide to style these fun colors, it will help spice up your attire.

With all that being said, there will be many options for the summer fashion of 2023. The main goal of summer clothing is to make sure it is lightweight and easy to style with the summer heat.