Volleyball sets up for a new season


Alex Wright, Sports Director

Volleyball coach Diana Story knows her team has room to improve after struggling early in the season. Finishing last season 19-6, the Falcons start the season off 8-5. For their most recent win on Sept. 24, the Falcons beat Eastern View 3-0 at home. Consistency helped Fauquier achieve the conference win.
A whole new back line is in place after eight members of last year’s team graduated and other players left. Senior captains Katie Crofford, Lis Heras, and Willow Payne are ready to take on the task of building a young team. Heras says that the team must make a new family because half of theirs left.
“We lost a lot of seniors, so the team is brand new; we’re not as close as we used to be,” Crofford said. “I want to teach the younger girls what they can do with the game and just help the team move forward.”
Goals for the Falcons are to improve consistency and play as a unit, according to Story. Many players will have to take on new roles to take the team to the regional playoffs and move into the post season.
“We’re looking forward to a good season, seeing lots of improvement, and being consistent on the court each and every day,” Story said.
The team has suffered many injuries this year, including sophomore Yvie Fraizer who was out for three weeks with a foot laceration, and junior Jennie Kovalik who was out two weeks with a high ankle sprain. Junior Josie Murphy suffered a torn
ACL and will be out for the season. With the toll taken by injuries, players must adapt to new positions and become more versatile.
“My goal is to be an all-around player and play both defense and offense,” sophomore Madison Carter said.
Despite obstacles, Story’s outlook is still positive as the team heads into the rest of the season.
“I’m looking forward to a good, fun year, and [the team] just has a few things to work on to get there,” Story said. “Every game right now is a key game.