If you were to vote today, who would you vote for?


left to right: joel mcguire, dylan voss, lindsay schmidtmann, tatjana shields, masahisa takahashi
Joel Mcguire, junior: “I’m currently undecided. Both sides aren’t really appealing to my personal philosophy. If it comes down to who would do the least harm to the country, I’m betting either Hilary or Cruz, but I’m more inclined towards Hilary.”
Dylan Voss, senior: “I’m definitely supporting Donald Trump at this point. Mainly my reasons are [his] immigration policy, but I also really like his tax policy. I think he brings a lot more to the table than any of the other Republican candidates.”
Lindsay Schmidtmann, senior: “I would vote for Bernie Sanders. I’m in government right now, so I know a lot about the different candidates, and he’s the one that’s the easiest to understand and the one with the most logical views on things.”
Tatjana Shields, sophomore: “It would be between Bernie Sanders and Hilary. Both of them are strong candidates, but they haven’t really spoken to me. I feel like Hilary would be more effective because she knows more regarding diplomacy.”
Masahisa Takahashi, sophomore: “It would be between Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz. Bernie Sanders [wants] to help people he just doesn’t know how to do it. Ted Cruz because he’s on the ball and he does have the right ideas and will come in and do some good.”