Allegations Against Kavanaugh Prove to be Questionable and Exaggerated

Brett Kavanaugh is officially sworn in to the Supreme Court after a contentious confirmation.

Celeste Pollack, News Editor

Brett Kavanaugh, now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, was recently accused of sexual misconduct at a party 38 years ago.
Just days before the Senate Judiciary committee was set to vote on Kavanaugh’s passing as Supreme Court Justice, Christine Blasey Ford comes forth with her allegation: 38 years ago, Brett Kavanaugh inappropriately touched her. This occurred at what she has referred to as a party, but also not a party, depending on the instance. She also claims that Kavanaugh was extremely drunk at this “party”. However, no one, not even her lifelong friend she claims was at the event, can corroborate any of these claims.  
What is most troubling about these claims is the timing. Why is Ford choosing to come out now? Most people (including herself), say she didn’t want to see a bad person like Kavanaugh come to power. This would seem to be a logical reason, if it weren’t for the fact that Judge Kavanaugh has been sitting on the D.C. Court of Appeals for some 12 years. A court that sees tenfold more cases than the Supreme Court, which would arguably make it more powerful. Even if some do not agree on the fact that it is more powerful, it is still the second most powerful court in (arguably) the most powerful country in the world. Brett Kavanaugh has been in a position of power since May 2006. When does Dr. Ford (an open Democrat) choose to accuse him, however? The summer of 2018, once he is sure to tip the scale in favor of the GOP for the Supreme Court.
Another concern is the fact that a large portion of the public seems to not only believe Ford, but go far beyond what she claims: he is called a gang-rapist by some on the left, when all he was accused of, by one woman, was inappropriately touching her. What happened to due process? What happened to « innocent until proven guilty »? What happened to believing the FBI when pronouncing an accused attacker innocent? These men and women are running around demonizing Brett Kavanaugh after he has been pronounced innocent. Going as far as to create lipstick lines titled: “ F*ck Kavanaugh,” which was released by the far-left cosmetic line “Lipslut.”
I understand why people want to believe Ford: I watched her testimony, it was extremely moving. However, I don’t let my emotions affect my rationality. When looking at simply the facts, Kavanaugh is innocent. I can also rely on my emotions when judging this case, because Kavanaugh’s testimony was just as (if not more) moving than Ford’s. In his opening statement, he speaks of how these allegations have ruined his life, and how he is innocent. He then, with a trembling voice, tells us a story of his daughter wanting to pray for Dr. Ford, his accuser. Her reason being that she is obviously going through a very hard time, and even though she is wrongfully accusing her father, should be given sympathy and prayed for. This is truly a beautiful story, and although some may say this is just a well thought out ploy on the part of Kavanaugh, the same can be said about Ford’s claims. The only difference between the two being that I’m sure Kavanaugh could actually get someone to corroborate his story. So, when following not only rational, but also emotional thinking, I come to one conclusion: Brett Kavanaugh is innocent.