Those Without a Valentine


Rachel Singleton, News Editor

While Valentine’s Day can be a meaningful occasion for couples, what is this day to single people who are missing a special someone? Their plans may be different compared to the average couple because of their relationship status. Many people plan days ahead to have the perfect day, while most want the day to be over. Singles can stand on either side of this viewpoint.
People’s opinions might be defined by their past experiences or simply by what they have witnessed over the past years. Sophomore Makayla MacWelch said, “It’s kind of stupid to be honest, it’s just a day for candy.”
Some people go about the day with a positive attitude, not letting their relationship status affect them. “I think that it’s good to have a little bit of self appreciation and love yourself instead of focusing on what others think of you,” sophomore Abby Marino said, “you can spend time with your family who are your real valentines.”

It’s not all about love for a significant other, many use this day as a way to express their gratitude and appreciation for their friends. “I still think you can give stuff to your friends,” said sophomore McKenzie Hurley.
A common tradition throughout school nowadays is to give out sweet treats or handmade cards for each other. The Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) organization cater to this by giving out candy grams. The days prior to Valentine’s Day the students have the opportunity to purchase a candy gram for their significant other, friends, teachers or themselves. The candy grams are distributed on Valentine’s Day.

While some people are reminded of their past relationships or are reminded of their relationship status others may see it as better than being in bad company. Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Whether one is single or in a relationship, this time can be spent to celebrate loving one’s family, friends, significant other or even yourself. The true significance of Valentine’s Day is expressed in a variety of ways from person to person.