WandaVision, a Worthy Marvel Series



Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in WandaVision

WandaVision is the newest continuation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a wonderful start to television shows within the universe. WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as Vision. The story follows their supposedly new and peaceful life in a suburban neighborhood; Westview, New Jersey. With many sitcom elements from all throughout the decades of television, WandaVision is an exceptionally funny show that still maintains Marvel brand suspense.
WandaVision does encapsulate the sitcom style it’s going for extrodinarily well, the comedy aspect of the show is well thought out and makes my family laugh every time. Though it can be absolutely chilling at times when something ‘out of the norm’ happens. The suspense those scenes bring me is absolutely thrilling and it keeps me hanging on for more.
One thing Marvel fans would be inclined to agree with though is that this series is exceptional in the way of feeding us a little bit each episode in relation to theories. Fans are constantly theorizing about where this show is going to go, and have been right already on a few occasions. If you follow Marvel comic books, you can agree when I say we are all terrified-and excited- about what might be occurring in this series.
One of the most prominent theories in what is going to happen in WandaVision is about Mephisto. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Marvel Characters. Mephisto is a Villian in Marvel comic books and essentially Marvel’s personification of The Devil. The theory comes from a comic series where Wanda and Vision move to the suburbs to start a new life for themselves, sounds familiar? In the series Wanda becomes pregnant with Twins much like what happens in the show, later in the series it is revealed that the twins were actually soul pieces of Mephisto given incarnation through Wanda. One thing that adds to this theory is the way Wanda’s character acts in certain scenes that makes it seem as though she is not the only one in control of what’s happening in Westview.
The acting that happens in this show is phenomenal in general, whether it be more comedic or one of the more chilling moments, the actors do an exceptional job. Olsen is doing a stunning job with her character, especially in moments when she changes her accent, or the body language she shows in certain scenes, she is doing an astounding job playing Wanda.
WandaVision is an incredible show that is keeping fans hanging off every last word and motioning for a bit of what might be happening next, and amazing acting that adds so much more to the characters. With only six episodes out so far and three more coming soon, WandaVision has already set high expectations for the rest of Marvel’s Phase 4.