Ellie Bunch



provided by Ellie Bunch

Ellie cheers on the Falcons at a football during this past fall season.

Q: How long have you been cheering?
A: I began at the end of my freshman year, so since sophomore year.

Q: Do you cheer outside of school? If so, what team?
A: No, I don’t cheer outside of school.

Q: How did you get involved in the sport?
A: I just had a lot of friends that had always done cheer, and I’ve always been flexible, so they just suggested that I join cheer.

Q: What is your favorite part about cheer?
A: Being in the gym every day, even though it’s exhausting. Sometimes we all get so much closer because it’s six days a week and three hours a day. Monday through Friday. Then sometimes because of football games, we will have a short practice before or after, but then on Saturday mornings we have practice or competitions.

Q: Are you planning on cheering after high school?
A: I was, but I sprained my back at the beginning of the season and after that the season was super
hard for me, so I decided not to.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with cheer?
A: Honestly this season I just wanted to go to regionals and hopefully states.

Q: Who is your biggest role model within the sport?
A: Probably Kate Lattig, she graduated last year…She had great jumps. She was good at dancing, tumbling, stunting, everything. She was also super supportive and she helped me be more confident.

Bunch has “thrived as a cheerleader on both the varsity sideline and varsity competition teams…She
has improved every single one of her skills, moving quickly to the forefront,” said head coach D.J.