New “The Batman” movie stuns theaters with groundbreaking 5-star reviews.

Grossing over 300 million dollars worldwide, “The Batman” swept through box offices this weekend and proved to be second best to Spider-Man’s “No Way Home” in a late pandemic opening. The movie marketing showed the movie to take the darker sides of a well known story and captivates viewers throughout its almost three hour showtime.
Robert Pattinson plays the role of Batman, he does an excellent job at bringing the almost disturbed nature to the character and ties it in well with the essence of the movie. Costar Zoë Kravitz who plays Catwoman shares a mysterious and unpredictable relationship with Batman and their chemistry is unforgettable.

Costume designer Glyn Dillon plays a major part in creating a new and creative outlook on the story, but also shadows back to its original past. I firmly enjoyed Catwoman’s mask being very minimal and simplistic with just a piece of cloth being cut out to be very realistic to Catwoman’s poor nature. With a runtime of 2 hours and 56 minutes, I was surprised how quickly it seemed to fly by.

I liked director Matt Reeves’ approach of not going over the same backstory we all know of Bruce Wayne’s past but instead stayed in the present. Talking more about the corrupt world of Gotham City and how everyone was not as innocent as they seemed, leaving the audience reflecting on more heavy topics in the political world.

Striking performances from Paul Dano as The Riddler portraying him as a compulsive psychotic left me restless of what he was going to do next. Appearances of Penguin and one epic car chase were my favorite action packed shots showing what DC is phenomenal at. I loved the use of Nirvana’s “Something in the way,” how perfectly eerie it left you feeling like standing in the rain gazing into the shadows of the unknown. Overall a great new take on Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s Batman setting a high standard of the DC cinematic universe and setting up a great segway into a sequel and hopefully many more to come.